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Top 5 Instagram marketing trends of 2018

Instagram marketing has highly evolved through out this year  and several new trends have occurred on the growing platform. Even though we have not reached the end of the year yet, you might already have seen some interesting changes. Wondering what the biggest Instagram marketing trends of 2018 are?

In this blog post we will be covering the most exciting Instagram trends to hit the platform this year.  


Instagram shopping features:

Instagram is becoming more and more favorable for sellers, brands and businesses. This year Instagram has highly eased the way of mobile purchasing and opened a whole new world of e-commerce. In collaboration with Shopify, Instagram has integrated a feature, which enables Shopify users to tag their products in each photo. Instead of having to click on links to get access to product pricing and description, the information is listed in the brands Instagram post.  But that’s not all; users can click through and purchase the items right from Instagram without leaving the app.

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Micro- Influencer marketing:

If you think about social media influencers, what kind of accounts comes to mind? Maybe you think about the rather small group of social media starts with millions of followers? But what about the group of accounts with a smaller, yet dedicated following that is more approachable and reliable. Micro-Influencers are in the wind and brands are showing big success in working with Instagram accounts that have smaller but more engaged followers. Brands double down on influencer marketing and expand to micro-influencers and for small brands this is a highly effective strategy.

Instagram account of Madelaine Andren

Live video:

The live video features enables brands to closely connect with their followers. With this Instagram feature followers get a push notification telling them their favourite brand is sending live. Followers can comment on the stream, real time and this opens the door for a conversation between the brand and their followers. This trend is very popular as it lets brands communicate directly to their audience while at the same time building brand authenticity.

Instagram story ads:

Instagram story ads has become an essential part of many businesses Instagram marketing strategies, both in forms of advertising and reaching new audiences. There are 400 million people using Instagram stories every day so the reach is enormous and a third of the most viewed stories are from brands and businesses. The story advertising platform is still quite new, just released in March 2017, but its one of this years largest Instagram marketing trends.

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Promoting posts:

With this function users holding a business account can “boost” one of their Instagram posts so the image will appear on the feed of their followers in addition to profiles similar to their followers, without having to set up specific Instagram ads and targeting. Promoting Instagram post is very similar to promoting a Facebook post, the brand creates a regular Instagram post, and then when its posted the brand can promote the given post in order to get more likes, impressions and profile visits. When the post appears in the feed  it will be marked with “sponsored” at the top and the call to action button:

Screendump from Instagram app