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How to write good content for Social media

You should follow these rules on all kinds of social media. Whether you are writing two sentences on Snapchat, a Facebook Ad or a blog post. Keep them in mind always, but also remember to optimize the content for the different channels. There are different audience on different social media channels. The reader on Linkedin will be interested in different content than the reader on Instagram.


1. What’s in it for me?
When you are creating a text or a post you should always ask yourself “what will the reader gain from this post?”. Write it from the customer’s perspective.

2. Put the most important information first
This point is relevant when it comes to both SEO and the reader.
-The search engine crawlers will categorise the top sentences and paragraphs as most important.
-The reader wants to know immediately what the text will be about. It’s all about catching the reader’s attention before they get distracted by something else online.


3. Keep you sentences and paragraphs simple
Cut out unnecessary words and keep the sentences simple. You want the reader to know immediately if this is something they should spend time on. The reader doesn’t really want to think(unless you are writing a academic article).


4. Keep it brief.
Don’t get tempted to write long and detailed information on your posts/ads. We live in a world where we are constantly exposed to stimuli. People can be put off if they see a long text on Facebook(for example). It’s easy to scroll past a long text or to get distracted before you finish it.

5. Use visual effects
To catch the reader’s attention, you can use different effects:
– Bulletpoints
Bold texts
pictures instead of text if it’s possible
– different font sizes



6. Check your grammar and spelling.
There are different tools online that can help you with the spelling and . My best advice is to get someone else with “new eyes” to look over your text before posting it.